Wednesday, 22 April 2009

My sunset ski girl

I'll admit it was the postcards in the collage that inspired me to create my orange ski-girl, leading a more athletic life than I (although I can walk with the best of them, it seems to keep the chocolate build up down).

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Dynasty Love Story

Call it a promotional shot of Dynasty's main pairing Erica and Lolita. These two have slowly consummed my mind and I now find myself doodling them all the time. Still not posting the story but that's me covering my back I'm afraid. Just know its good lol!

King Arthur

I was inspired by BBC's Merlin and their take on Prince/King Arthur. Using Bradley James as a reference then this little number dropped out. I'm reasonably happy although I would've liked to do better detailed chainmail, hmmm...

Dynasty Storyboard

'Dynasty' is a story I have been working on for a while. Without giving too much away it is essentially a *deep breath* "Jack-the-Ripperesque-Steampunk-Lesbian-Romance-Drama"


The above storyboard features a scene where one of the public airships has unexplainable begun to burn whilst in the air and the protagonist (Erica, see the red head) is forced to watch as this burning Zephyr crashes down towards the city. This project is being worked on as I post this so hopefully you'll see more from Erica!


When the BA students were given the opportunity to delve into the world of story boarding I jumped right in. I must admit it is an area I enjoy the most (along with Conceptual art) and I couldn't resist doing Elizabeth Sims's short story 'For Faye' about a woman who takes her late girlfriend's ashes to Hudson Bay to give her the send off she deserves. It's a touching and bittersweet story and highly recommend it to anyone.

St George and the Dragon

Whilst Children's books isn't something I'd truly considered I must admit there is something fun in exploring the imagination. This is done mostly as a collage but not quite as freely as one expects a collage to be. I was particularly proud of George's rusted armour. 

Banned Comic: Afternoon sessions Page 2

Page two of the castration story.

Banned Comic: Afternoon sessions

Page one of my banned story. I heard a story from my brother who did psychology at the time featuring an abused wife who one day just snapped. She drugged her abusive husbands drink and when he was suitably knocked out she took a knife from the kitchen and castrated the bastard. She then chucked it into a field and left him.  

The Banned Comic!!

The banned comic, the comic so gory and disturbing that the former Principal of my college banned it without even reading it! Actually its not nearly as bad as she made it out to be, it was a collection of stories done by various illustration students (myself included) of stories they'd heard in the news. I've since heard my castration story was one of the ones she objected to, YAH! (cover is not my art). 

More from the Light of Words

I'm adding this sketch as it was one of the designs I created when requested for cover art from Light of Words. Whilst the band did like the image they felt it was too risqué to use. I personally loved this image and so am posting it here! My Fender Bass was used as inspiration in case you're curious!

This little creature, who I nicknamed 'Whiskers' as I worked on him, was commissioned by Bristol based band Light of Words. Myself and two other artists (Chris Dean and Tobias Wilson) were all used. It should be noted that the character is mine but the layout is not.

Going Da Vinci on yer arse!

Trying collage out...went pretty damn well if I say so myself. Idea was 'building oneself' and I went flying over to wings but wanted something more like, inventive. I adore the look and feel of Da Vinci's work and hey presto, wings!

And Anne Bonny

Where would Mary Reed be without Anne Bonny? Both these pirate ladies acted as my HND graduation calling cards and I went through quite a few prints of these gals (although I noted that most people took Mary, poor Anne).

Mary Read (Or Reed in some Literature)

I love Pirates. Like, stupidly so. Seriously, I'm a 12 year old boy in a woman's body when it comes to things like this and so is it really surprising that I drew Mary Reed/Read? (I put both versions of the surname as I tend to find both versions...better safe than sorry).

Laramie Fences Page 2

Page 2 of Laramie Fences. If you're curious of the text by the way, it is the truly moving speech the Matthew's father Dennis Shepard gave at the McKinney's (one of Matthew's murderers) trial. 

Matthew Shepard - Laramie Fences

In my Second year of my BA course we were asked to do pieces revolving around the idea of contentious issues and I picked Homophobia. If you don't know the story of Matthew Shepard then believe me when I say there is nothing that could make you question the state of humanity then this case:

Drawing this made me feel so horrid, so dreadful that it is actually one of my favourite pieces as it made me feel how I should. 

Where The Sword and Pencil co-exist rather well

All artwork that will be featured from here on out is the product of illustrator Callie Mowatt (that's me!). If you wish to use any of it or wish to commission my skills please contact me on the email provided for permission, and note all my work is copyrighted.
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